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Originally started because our hens needed saddles, we have grown our business far beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Most people often mistake us as being a big company but it's actually just two of us. My mother, Brenda, and I are almost always at work either taking care of orders or coming up with new things we can offer our customers. We love being able to provide people with quality products without breaking the bank. I shop a lot on the internet and hate when I find something I like only to find out it's more expensive than it probably should be just because the company can get away with those prices.

Another great thing that we provide is free shipping on our saddles and diapers. Being the online shopper that I am, I'm always disappointed in the checkout process as it seems that all the nice lower prices that the product had is made up for in shipping cost. With a lot of work over the years, we've managed to make our prices reasonable and have free shipping and actually have it be free shipping. For the rest of our products, there are no surprise charges. We charge only the shipping, as low as we possibly can so that you save even more.

January 1st, 2013 will mark our second year in business and we hope for many more - we love and enjoy each of our customers. If you have Facebook, come over and join us we'd love to have you!