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Chicken Diapers


Just about anyone who has owned a chicken will tell you that they can be the sweetest, most affectionate animal they have and now it is possible to have them as a house pet! A chicken as a house pet?! I know it sounds strange, but thousands of people keep these incredible creatures as pets and with a diaper, there's no mess!

Not only do these work for house chickens, but they're also a great item to have on hand if you need to bring a chicken inside to heal from a wound or sickness. Instead of being stuck in a cage all day, they can get out and stretch their legs a bit.. and look stylish at the same time!

Like our chicken saddles, these work great to have in an emergency kit.

Our diapers are incredibly easy to put on, very adjustable and they have a waterproof liner in the pouch. To make an even easier clean up, we offer diaper inserts that you simply slip inside the pouch and take out to clean when it's time to change. Easy! The 'V' shape in our diapers allow it to cup around the tail of the chicken to provide a better fit without being too tight.

Our diaper design has straps that criss-cross over the back for a better fit and rather than using velcro straps we use all elastic with a buckle. This allows us to make a nearly one-size-fits-all diaper and makes it even more comfortable for your bird.

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